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Draplin Design Co., North America

Had a good weekend. Watched some videos, Cribs/Carlsbad: E-Tree: www. chrisengelsman.com
, party hoppin’, treasure hunting at the Rose Bowl Flea market (where the “stars” shop) and some general r-n-r with the gal.

Things are going well on all fronts. Little tight on the scratch, but comfortable nevertheless. The Photo Annual is completed and off to the pre-press wizards for tuning. We should be seeing copies of issue 14.5 soon too! We have a bit of a jump on things now. I’m gonna start tearing into our last mag of the year. The dudes have been working diligently on the material for the final issue of the cycle. They are itchin’ to get on the road this winter.

Get yer hands on the latest CSA stocks images book: “CSA Snapstock.” What can I say? Try this one on for size: Amazing. Order one right now at www.csaimages.com. Hell, order the whole damn stock book set while you are at it. C-S-Amazing.

(Also, check the credits section inside the book. You’ll see my name listed, as well as P.J.’s, proud validation of our contributions.)