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Draplin Design Co., North America

Back For The Attack.

Back in the office, readying myself for the next issue. We kicked issue 14.5’s ass. It came together amazingly well, and will be a frontrunner for the “issue of the year” title. Thanks to the dudes on the team for the good work building this one.

I’m proud to be a part of this team. We can take a punch. Collectively speaking, we are turning into one well-oiled mag-building organism. Here’s to the next one.

- - - -

The mission back to get my gal went very well.

Smooth sailing east. Barstow >> Vegas >> Southern Utah >> Grand Junction >> Summit County >> Kearney >> Omaha >> Des Moines… rolling to a stop in Minneapolis after a good two days of driving. “Big S” performed like no other. Fast as the wind, he ran like a 6-cylinder motherfucker should. 28 miles per gallon! Good numbers for such a long haul.
I made my way right to Melissa’s. It was good to see the girl. I missed her. Glad glad glad to have her back on the Factory Floor.

Minneapolis in October is possibly my favorite place/time combo. Cool breezes, rustling leaves, crisp skies. Good living. We spent two says in the city hitting all of our haunts. We geared her up with some new dry goods for the California winter. Meals at the Ideal diner, walks through Uptown and drives in the old neighborhoods were some of the finer points. I miss the place so much, and realize that when I’m ready to hit the road back there, it’ll still be there for me.

The trip back went smooth also. After a quick overnighter in Windom at the Okins family compound, we pushed off south towards California. Sioux City >> Topeka >> Oklahoma City where we paid our respects to Wayne Coyne’s house (Flaming Lips frontman) >> Amarillo (pronounced Amma-rill-oh) >> Albuquerque, Flagstaff, Barstow and into beautiful southern Orange County. The traffic we experienced in Riverside was just about enuff to make me turn right around to go home. All those fuckers on that freeway. haulin’ ass, slammin’ into eachother’s SUV…this place can kiss my ass.

So I’m back and diggin’ being with my gal. She is a positive force in my little life. I’m extremely happy to have her back down here. She digs the weather and the living. Maybe it’ll rub off on me.