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Get off yer asses and get over to www.pjchmiel.com. Jesus H. Christ, this kid is brilliant.

Got in tonight from Minneapolis, a smooth flight ending a muted mission. Those wheels touching down on California soil are never a glorious moment, I’ll have you know. The trip was wonderful at times and sad at times too. Too much stuff goin’ on in the thinker concerning career decisions, family and girls. Made for some low points. But don’t let my blues mislead you, the trip was a success on many levels too. The most amazing weather a kid can ask for…55 degrees, blue skies, brisk winds. Absolutely breathtaking. My kind of living. I miss the place.

Met with former instructors, heroes and colleagues to get a feel for the current job situations in the cities. Muted response, rolled eyes…but good for the most part. Seems everyone is feeling the pinch all over the nation.

Saw Wille Nelson and Waylon Jennings up in Hinckley. Waylon was lookin’ rough. Willie kicked ass. Little dynamo. National treasure.

My time in the city was good. I walked around, diggin’ my old haunts and exploring new streets. Took a ton of pictures on the digi-Elph. I love that city skyline. Felt at home as soon as I got off the plane.

Thanks go out to Ryno and Mike for hospitality and hangin’, Kris Okins, Dimmel, the good people of CSA, Jan Jancourt and the amazing Jon Baugh family for taking time out of busy schedules for me.

I’m ready to hit the open road back home, but have to weigh my options concerning the mag and the good people I work with. I’d be one happy motherfucker if the mag was based out of downtown Minneapolis, good lord willin’. Oh well. Many thanks to the cats who I work with for the opportunity, support and friendship down here. You know who you are.

- - - -

Many congrats to Natalie and Jeff on their new bond. They were hitched on Saturday the 6th. I tried to organize a surprise mission back to Traverse City, but sort of bottomed out in the big city and couldn’t swing the operation. Broke my heart. Good kids, good plans, good luck to the newlyweds. Brings a tear to my cold, hard eyes.

Rhajer Cameron tied the knot with his gal on Saturday too. Man, that is one lucky girl. Top notch dude.

All this marriage stuff makes me smile.