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DDC MERCHMAS, DAY 08: On the eighth day of DDC Merchmas, we offer a couple new Nalgene bottles in the spirit of STAYING VERY HYDRATED.

DDC-319 “DDC Fluids Unit - Orange/Black” by Nalgene


Product Description:
I drink a ton of water each day. Easily three Nalgene bottles worth, and on a good day, four or five. Good for the body, good for the plumbing! We finally made our very own “DDC Fluids Unit” and will be recycling the cast of Nalgene bottles that have done the job the last decade. These water bottles never let you down.
Product Details:
01. BPA/BPS Free: Drink water that is safe and tastes great!
02. Beyond durable. Bad-ass “Tritan Renew” 50% waste plastic, further offsetting the use of fossil fuels and lowering greenhouse gas emissions. Small moves that add up!
03. 3-1/2” wide x 8.25” tall in dimension.
04. 2” “Wide Mouth” opening and 2-1/2” cap. Easy off and back on, and snug as hell.
05. 32-ish ounce capacity. Fill the things RIGHT to the top!
06. Opaque plastic. We don’t monitor how much water we’ve downed. Just have so much other stuff to do. When it’s gone it’s gone. Is it wet? Down the hatch!
07. Dishwasher safe.
08. Fits filtration devices and wide opening easily fits ice cubes.
09. Leak-Proof cap.
10. Lightweight.
11. Made from recycled material.
12. Made in the USA.
13. Drink tons of water! Good for you!
Ordering Details:
$21.99 +$5.00 Shipping & Handling
DDC-319 “DDC Fluids Unit - Acid Green/Black” by Nalgene


Ordering Details:
$21.99 +$5.00 Shipping & Handling
DDC-211 “Sun Kingdom - Turquoise/Gold” Poster


Product Description:
Did a run for some of Leigh’s prints a month back, and threw this one into the mix. Turquoise and a mellow gold! Sun Kingdom, all around us!
Product Details:
01. Printed on thick, durable white cover stock!
02. Two colors, inspired the world at large.
03. 18” x 24” in dimension.
04. Printed by “Florida Men” Tim and Harry at Subject Matter Studio in Orlando! Thanks!
05. Hand-numbered, using our patented freehand technique.
06. Way limited edition of 150! We have just a little stash of them to sell, and once they go, they are GONE.
07. Free 3” x 24” burly kraft poster tube with each order! Reusable.
08. Two free white plastic end puck thingies.
Ordering Details:
$29.99+$5.00 Shipping & Handling
DDC-126 “DDC Book: Signed to you!”


256-PAGES OF PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING: Get a DDC book signed to you! Or a loved one! Or a friend! Purchasing steps below.

01. Place order below.
02. Then email our shipping manager Leigh at “shipping(at)draplin(dot)com” and tell her how you want the book personalized.
03. And then I’ll sign it and throw some extra goodies in too!
04. Kick back and watch that mailbox!
05. Hell yeah!

Ordering Details:
$44.99 +$10 Shipping (U.S.A.)
Leigh McKolay Designs


NEW STUFF FROM LEIGH: Leigh’s got some new goodies over at her shop! GET IN THERE. Always shipping!

Leigh McKolay Designs! …Yes!
Leigh McKolay Designs! …Peace!
Leigh McKolay Designs! …Love Love Love!
Leigh McKolay Designs! …Go!

The Fine Print:

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