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Draplin Design Co., North America


HIGH NOON TODAY: Our second offering of our James Brand x DDC ‚€œElko‚€ knives is today! I know this is redundant, but we‚€™ve got bellowing barbarians banging at the gate. Please read the following info:

LIMITS: We kindly ask you to limit these to a ‚€œTwo Per Human‚€ sort of thing. Any orders that come in with ‚€œmore than two knives‚€ will be shipped as two, and the rest refunded.

CURRENT COORDINATES: Before you order, make sure your mailing address and email are current inside PayPal. We can‚€™t stress this enough. DO THIS.

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: Due to limited availability, we are only taking domestic orders on the knife tomorrow. We‚€™ll let you know if/when international sales may become available again on the knives. We‚€™re doing our very best to handle all the demand. Please accept our apologies, international friends. There will be future runs with the knife.

The link goes live at HIGH NOON today, Friday, February 26th, 2021. That‚€™s noon Pacific Standard Time, too. Portland, Oregon time.

The knife will be at this link here at HIGH NOON today: “DDC-263 The James Brand x DDC “Elko” Folding Knife”