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Draplin Design Co., North America
December 14, 2020
DDC Merchmas 12/14: "Dry-Aged Deader Prints Stash"
Posted at 03:14 PM



Product Details:
The eighth day of Merchmas! And we went digging into the DDC Archives…and almost didn‚€™t make it out. Today, we offer up our what‚€™s left of our stash of Field Notes Deader Prints. Dry-aged in a spice-infused basement, these little snausages have been curing the whole pandemic. Now normally, this is the stuff we‚€™d be selling on the road, but shit isn‚€™t normal, so they sat there quietly, getting deader and deader by the day, week and month. Today, we release them out Into the world‚€¶DRY-AGED DEADER PRINTS!
Read This:
Limit TWO three-packs per human! Any extra purchases will be PROMPTLY refunded and you‚€™ll be added to our ever-expanding ‚€œDDC Shit List.‚€ We’re trying like hell to make sure everyone gets in on the stash. Play nice, you animals!
Read This, Too:
Before you order, make sure your PayPal email is up to date, as well as your PayPal mailing address. If you haven’t received notification and tracking, do not write us. Check your your “Spam” and “Junk” e-mail folders first. Thank you. We’re doing our best to ship these RIGHT AWAY each night of Merchmas.
For Our International Customers:
If you order others items with your Deader Prints three-packs, there will be more shipping fees required. We have the shipping calculated for two three-packs to your region of the world. Choose the right region below! Thank you.
Ordering Details:

Sold Out (Thank from all of us at the DDC!)

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