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SALUTING THE GROCERY STORE MANAGERS: Ive partnered with Adobe to honor todays heroes. I thought a lot about honoring someone I knew. A number of frontline friends fluttered through my brain, but then it hit me: It had to be someone I didn’t know. The couple times we’ve left the house to hit our neighborhood grocery stores have been surreal. Over and over, I found myself wanting to thank each stocker, deli counter meat-slicer, security guard and cashier. 

So I created “Grocery Gratitude.”

It just kept washing over me: how amazingly brave are these people? Putting themselves at risk like this? Powerful stuff. For the rest of us. Think about the folks we often take for granted. During this scary time, and once we get through this.

We appreciate you, Eric S. THANK YOU for keeping the crew members’ morals up and making sure facts are known and squashing rumors that are started from fear. Thank you for working side by side with the rest of the crew even though you are manager, you are outside spraying carts down with the rest of them.

I also wanted to dedicate this piece to my friend Rod Snell, who’s a nurse working in Hillsboro, Oregon.

Now, I’d like to personally invite you to use your creativity to honor a hero in your life, those who keep our world turning. Share your creation with #HonorHeroes and tag @adobe. Let’s honor them and show the world how important they are to us. 

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