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Draplin Design Co., North America




FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: We‚€™re FIRED UP to announce our fifth Skillshare class, ‚€œDesign Like Draplin: 21 Tips for Speeding Up Yer Design Workflow‚€ is OUT NOW and class is in session!

Things get WEIRD in this one! Dastardly details, nerdy notions, extreme efficiencies, persnickety persnicketrons, granular glaniculars, crafty crags and THINGS to think about BEFORE you start a project, DURING your project and then AFTER you‚€™ve wrapped a project up. This is all about setting things up the right way, so you‚€™ve got things dialed. Stuff I had to learn the hard way, along the way. Let us arm you with good practices! This stuff is LETHAL! Start smart, work smart, end smart!

The link to our new class is ‚€œskl.sh/draplin5‚€…GO!!!

- - - -

AND HEY: Don’t forget our first four classes, either:
01. “Logo Design with Draplin: Secrets of Shape, Type and Color”
02. “Circular Logo Design: Combine Type & Icons in a Classic Shape”
03. “Customizing Type: Creating Wordmarks That Work”
04. “Situation Iteration: Iterating with Shape, Style, and Color”

Dig in, people, dig in deep!