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Draplin Design Co., North America

“American Flag Bernie!”

“Red, White, Blue and Bernie”

“Thick Lines Bernie”

FEELING THE BERN: Heading up to New York City early tomorrow morning to hang out at the
Bernie Sanders “The Art of a Political Revolution - NYC Art Exhibit!” We’ve got three posters in the show! That’s what you are seeing up above.

Leigh is flying in from Portland, Burlington’s Novovic-Rose duo will be in the city and we’ll all meet up with Luis Calderin from Bernie’s campaign. Gonna be fun to see the show up close! New York City!

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These Bernie posters are awesome! Feeeel the Bern.

Posted by: Jake on 04/23/16 at 3:28 PM

thanks for sharing the info og youtube

Posted by: Ogyoutbe on 10/20/16 at 3:49 AM
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