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Draplin Design Co., North America
March 08, 2016
Our Latest Skillshare Class!
Posted at 10:19 AM


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Our latest Skillshare class is called “Designing in Circles: Packing Type & Icons into a Simple Shape” and check it out with a ferocious click here.

From the Skillshare site:

Join DDC founder Aaron Draplin for a 60-minute tour de force championing the techniques and challenges of combining type and icons into a circle, a foundational shape of graphic design.

Follow along with Draplin as he creates variations of an often forgotten yet useful object: the travel sticker. From his wizard-like workflow you’ll learn the importance of:

€ Hierarchy, line-weight, and graphic balance
€ Key command mastery
€ Setting up and wrapping up your document

Whether you’re just getting started with Illustrator or are a seasoned graphic veteran, you are sure to learn some new tips and tricks as you create circular designs of your own.

Come give our new class a whirl! Click here and get it going!

There Are 2 Comments

Have you ever considered selling your courses on Udemy?

I hate using Skillshare because you lose access to the courses after your plan is up, either monthly or annually, whereas on Udemy you have lifetime access to any courses you pay for.

I think it’s a ripoff to pay for a course and then only have limited access to it.

Posted by: Keith on 03/14/16 at 4:22 PM

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