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Draplin Design Co., North America
December 24, 2015
Last Day of the DDC Pop-Up Shop!!!
Posted at 12:29 PM


THE VERY LAST-MINUTE OF LAST-MINUTE SHOPLIFTING: You in a yuletide pickle? Finally made bail and just have this afternoon to stock up on boss gifts for tomorrow’s festivus climax? Well, look no further than the DDC Pop-Up Shop. We offer a FULL RANGE of spirited DDC merch items. At Portland-only prices. it’s been a long, cold six weeks. Leigh’s been straddling hypothermia the whole time. Aaron’s been running goods back and forth across the river, dodging parking-ticket-giving turds. And through all this? We’re here for you. Smiling. Ready. Happy. High on donuts and coffee. Until 3pm. Things you need. Gifts. Stocking stuffers. Cool shit. Weird plastic things. Mini prints. World’s largest Field Notes wall. Wild posters. Beanies. Action caps. Ice scrapers. Souvenir patches. Decals. Tote bags. The orangest of socks. Come on in, Portland. We’re going until 3pm, and then we’ll retreat to the warmth of the homestead to remember all the beautiful transactions made the last six weeks. Happy Holi-daze to all!

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