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Draplin Design Co., North America


DDC DISCLAIMER: Okay, let‚€™s just get it out there: We sure have let our ‚€œdaily offering‚€ on this site go to pot. Our apologies. Chalk it up to any of the timesuckers in our abnormal day-to-day. Things like the DDC Pop-Up Shop, the holi-daze season, all our existing logo jobs, our massive DDC ‚€œWinter 2015‚€ tour, our daily onslaught of DDC merch sales, Field Notes scheming and stuff like, ‚€œtime with the family.‚€ We‚€™re doing our very best to keep everything going. Thanks for believing in the DDC. Hell, even when things get dark. We‚€™re trying, goddammit, that‚€™s for sure.

So we updated our site in one night. Fifty-some days.

Alright, back to work…

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Damn son, it’s about time. I was about to take you out of my daily routine. Thought maybe the internet was broken.

Posted by: Chuck Pearce on 02/20/15 at 10:12 AM
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