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GET IN HERE: And “Get Cosmic” with us. We’re a pinpoint within a pinpoint within a pinpoint in this big ol’ galaxy, and, like, that’s within the Milky Way! Beyond that? Shit gets real weird. We have no idea what’s constructing this beautiful reality, so, like good humans, we “took a tiny leap for mankind” and made some spirited “Get Cosmic” items! We’re offering in the DDC Pop-Up Shop for the time being, and as soon as we can, we’ll have them on the DDC site. If anything, hell, just to get a dialogue going about how amazing it is to be alive, existing in the universe and that how special our planet is. And all that shit? It’s real. Not speculation or superstition. Like, science and shit.

Take a big ol’ bong-rip off the the GALACTIC REALITY that we have NO IDEA what’s going on, and, may never really know. That much more reason to take it easy, love each other and never stop looking up.

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Amazing isn’t it. While watching a science tv show the other day, the term ‘observable universe’ came up. There is a limit to what we can even see due to space/time. Mind bending to think what else is out there and what we are a part of.

Posted by: jason on 12/04/14 at 9:18 AM
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