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October 24, 2014
Making Flags In Birmingham
Posted at 02:08 PM

Kicking things off, talking way too much.

Sketching, sketching, sketching.

Working out some kinks with Mohammed.

Telling some kid, “See these fingers? They can be made into a fist. Pipe down.”

Working with the Birmingham youth. Hell yeah.

Getting my “dry-erase” on.

Threatening someone?

BLOWN AWAY FOR 999 YEARS: These incredible photos were by Jared Ragland of Birmingham. His client roster include President Obama, George “The Decider” Bush and so many other incredible subjects! Wow. Thanks, man. So good to meet you. I got to be a part of a “Flag Workshop” where we tackled a new flag for Birmingham. And I’m here to tell you this much: Go look at the existing Birmingham flag! These kids did a better job in the couple hours we had. Seriously. Great job, friends! Thanks for having me.

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