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Draplin Design Co., North America
September 24, 2014
Tonight, St. Louis!
Posted at 09:12 AM


TONIGHT, WE GO FOR BROKE: St. Louis, we’ve known you for years, and tonight, we tell our WHOLE STORY to a packed room of St. Louis’ greatest folks, surrounded by incredible vintage motorcycles. You guys should come to the show. It’s “design week” here in St. Louis, and there’s all sorts of cool shit going on. We’ll be on stage with Kevin from Work/Play, telling how we do what we do.

And man, you HAVE to check out Kevin McCoy’s work. Awesome guy and awesome work. We met yesterday, and hit it off quick. I’ll just say it right now: Anyone who fucks with Mr. McCoy, well, just know, they fuck with the ENTIRE Draplin Design Company enterprise. Facts are stubborn things.

Okay, St. Louis, let’s “get right with the DDC” and we’ll just plan on seeing you tonight. Right? We came a long way, dragged bags of merch through airports and had to deal with 900 thread count sheets at a flophouse downtown! Right? Right.

MAKE IT HAPPEN: Here’s the official link to the show!

- - - -

OF COURSE, OF COURSE: This St. Louis gig finally lit that fire under our ass to make a poster for Missouri. We’re calling it “Markedly Missouri” and you can snag one here! Click that link. To the left, behind these words! Missouri!

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Show was so cool. Been following the blog since 09, so glad I got to see it!

Posted by: Keaton on 09/25/14 at 7:11 AM

Hey Aaron,

Love what you do man. Please, keep doin’ it. We need more stuff like this out there. You can tell when something was made to mean something and when stuff is just spewed out there for corporate. You got it right. I’m just starting out on this weird design journey, and you’re helping just by doing what you do.


Posted by: Brent Harris on 10/05/14 at 8:27 PM
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