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June 02, 2014
Long, Long Flight Back Home
Posted at 02:22 AM


HEADING HOME TODAY: And just in the spirit of full disclosure, it’s 2:22 AM, and I’m wide fuckin’ awake, packing up my shit for the big light. The cab will be downstairs at 3:30 AM, we’ll whip out to the airport, a solid two hours out from my 6:00 AM flight. Isn’t the rule, “be to the airport two full hours from your flight” when it’s an international flight? It’s that way in the states. So I’m playing shit safe. So this time, the jet lag is working for me, sorta. I’m sure I’ll get punched in the face with sleep on the plane? We’ll see. Anyhoo, our shit’s packed and we’re just catching up on stuff we before the cab shows up in a bit here. Thanks, Scotland!

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wow that is a long flight.

at least you can catch up on your sleep.

Posted by: ronald on 06/02/14 at 6:40 PM
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