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June 01, 2014
A Day Around Aberdeen
Posted at 05:51 PM

You can’t escape this logo around town. Kind of everywhere you look! The classic RBS bank logo. So good.

Saw this little wave logo down at the beach, eating ice cream cones with Gavin and Cameron. Thick lines!

Scottish BBC logo! Wow! That purple is tricky, though.

WHAT A KILLER VISIT: A day out, I can’t remember all the pub visits and hangouts, but, I know this much: I got to meet some INCREDIBLE folks over here. I mean, sometimes you go to these things, and damn, you just don’t fit in?

Not the Meat Conference. Everyone was great. Radim from Brand Nu, Gavin Strange, Al Wardle from Any Forty, Naomi Atkinson of Whosit/Whatsit, James from Signalnoise (fellow North American entertainer!), Lauren Currie of Snook, Ian from Hacami Design, all the helpful, patient volunteers and the man of the hour, Mr. Cameron Duthie. What a great day, venue, and room! I destroyed that hotel room, in a good way. Clean sheets and grest water pressure. Must’ve taken twelve showers in those couple days. Thank you for taking good care of me, you guys. Appreciated!

I always say this shit, but, you have to know I mean it from the bottom of my cold, dead, blackened heart. How cool is this shit? To get to travel to Scotland to share your story? It’s brilliant. It’s smashing. It’s mental. And as we get our shit “sorted” leaving town, we’ll remember these couple days for a long, long time. Thank you, Meat Conference organizers, speakers and attendees!

Holy shit, and damn, thanks to all the people who bought some merch! Our little secret, Scotland!

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