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Draplin Design Co., North America
May 31, 2014
Today, Aberdeen!
Posted at 10:33 PM


ABERDEEN, WE DID IT! And damn, what a cool day, even if I did find myself nodding off, to wake up and notice I was drooling, head slouched, jet lagged real bad. That’s when I threw the towel in and ran upstairs to get a little shut-eye. I feel bad for missing Radim and Al’s talk, but, damn, I was dead. My apologies. I did get to see a very-fired-up Gavin Strange LIGHT THE PLACE UP. Awesome chops on that kid. And got to hear about Lauren Currie’s inspiring career in service design, helping people. Awesome.

I came down in time for the Signalnoise radness explosion, got all the pounds prices straight on my merch table and did my talk. I think everyone had a good time, right? Fuckin’ hope so. Tried to give it my all, always fighting back the tears with Dad stuff, and hell, whatever else. I turned 40, and those waterworks are always ready to spill out!

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