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Draplin Design Co., North America
April 03, 2014
Tonight, Saskatoon!
Posted at 09:04 AM


ANOTHER SHOW IN SASKATOON: Yesterday we got to do the FUZE Conference. A killer day. Ate like a king, met a bunch of Saskatoon champions and got to tell my whole story. Thank you, Jacqueline!

And tonight, we’re doing the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada Saskatchewan North chapter! That goes down at Louis’ Loft at 7pm! Be there, Saskatoon! We’ll be presenting our somewhat esteemed multi-media presentation that we call “Tall Tales From A Large Man.” Our whole story!

And damn, check out that poster up above! Printed by the good people Odelay Design, with proof here!

And, word on the streets of the Canadian Prairie is that one Allan Lorde will be in attendance! Damn! Fired up to meet this guy. Been a fan for some time.

Alright Saskatoon, this one if OFFICIAL! 7pm at Louis’ Loft! See you there!

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Love your work and your name (my best mate is a Drapkin) which is not that far away.

Posted by: Finn Lewis on 04/08/14 at 8:26 AM
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