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Draplin Design Co., North America
April 05, 2014
Flying Back From Canada
Posted at 01:33 PM


NOT WANTING TO LEAVE CANADA: The logos are just better up here. And shit, I didn’t even get to meet Wayne Gretzy or take in an Oilers game. Damn, Edmonton. I didn’t know you were this big? Warn a guy, will ya?

We did another workshop this morning, where I blather on and on about projects, how shit goes down, and whatever else I could pack in. One kid wrote, “Man, that guy can talk.” That’s the idea, right? And we delivered.

The biggest, hairiest, American/Canadian thanks to all the badasses of The Hunt and Gather for putting this on, putting me up, and, putting up with me for the last 24 hours. Went too fast! And to the good people of Startup Edmonton, too! Beautiful facilities with the coldest water! Thanks! And holy shit, thanks to MacEwan University for the use of their incredible “United Nations” lecture hall. The best! So great, with awesome A/V capabilities. We filled that room!

Man, I’m just happy as shit to have been able to visit Edmonton, and Saskatoon this week. Thanks to all the folks who came out to the show, bought some merch, ate a sandwich with me, shot the shit, hugged it out…ALL appreciated! Thank you.

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