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March 26, 2014
On Up To Cleveland To Meet Mom
Posted at 02:22 PM


UP TO CLEVELAND: And damn, we like the sound of that. But, we didn’t want to leave Columbus. Met so many nice people there, I just wanted to stay and maybe start a band with Jack, or have Mackenzie hire me to sweep up the MindMarket, or maybe get a job at the record store a couple blocks away? Many options. Had a great time telling my story. Ate precisely every 19 minutes. Slept like a dead man for a couple nights in a loft apartment. Ate a Spam sandwich at a Tiki joint. All in all, a kick-ass couple of Columbus, Ohio days. Thanks, you guys! And to all you students: Stay fuckin’ wild, and, MOVE SOMEWHERE WILD, while you have youth on yer side! That’s an order, you scrubs!

Oh yeah, I drove up to Cleveland, loaded in to my hotel, got Mom sorted out, and then we went and hit the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame down on the shore of Lake Erie. Alway dig hitting that place up. Lots of cool shit to wonder about, and a fun building. Tons of artifacts and history. Sid Vicious boots. Bruce Springsteen album title ideas while recording Born To Run. Wow. Michael Jackson clothes. Replacements artifacts. A ton of weirdo Jefferson Airplane stuff. Old blue guitars. Hell, Muddy Waters’ guitar! Jimi Hendrix childhood drawings. Weird punk shit. Weird new wave shit. The initial Public Enemy logo sketch! Funny Rolling Stones outfits. I think my favorite item was a couple of gigantic stage props from a Neil Young tour. Big tweed amps as tall as you are. So cool.

Up above, that’s a drawing Joni Mitchell did some years back. Markers. Pretty incredible.

Mom and I had a good time, then went and hit Chop for a square meal. We had steaks.

Tomorrow, Cleveland! A jam-packed, whiskey-soaked motherfucker of a day! Excited!

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