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Draplin Design Co., North America
March 05, 2014
Gracias, Miami!
Posted at 04:37 PM


THEIR RESULTS ARE STAGGERING: We’re wrapping up the second day of our workshop today. And man, these kids are making some KILLER stuff. I’m blown away. In the end, we’ll have twelve hours together. And man, they are executing. One kid’s doing this amazing portrait of his grandma, mom and daughter. I was watching over his shoulder, just blown away. Another kid is making an olive oil bottle for her grandpa! Like, a couple hours into it, and her first couple comps are better than stuff you see in packaging annuals. Another gal is doing a new take on tarot cards with her beautiful illustrations. So cool. The punker next to her is making a record. Save me a copy, man! Jennifer Cuena is making an ornate logo of her name! Miggs Mendoza (Miggie Smalls, Little Heisenberg, The Fresh Mig of Miami, Miggy Stardust) is making shit I can’t even mention on here, and holy hell, remember that name. SOMEDAY THIS LITTLE GEMSTONE WILL BE FAMOUS. Or in jail. Funny little bugger. So rad. John Muñiz is making a logo of his name, too. All started with a quick sketch, and BAM, a whole logo set. Killer. Another gal is scheming up a positive campaign to promote natural hair in the African American community. Guts, people, guts! This one kid from New York took pictures of trash on the ground, vectored them and then made a poster. Done! Makes you think about stuff on the ground in a whole new way. Everything means something. Little Grace kept me in line, wouldn’t let me mess with her, and made this beautiful illustration of her and her man Alex for their upcoming Kentucky-fried wedding. Congrats, you lovebirds!

Jose Rubio-Martinex doesn’t know Juan Valdez personally, but makes Colombia a country to fear. This guys has logo chops! Such a nice guy, such a cool way about him and his work, and man, KEEP UP THE KILLER WORK!

And then there was Ramses. My buddy. First guy I met. From Cuba! made this incredible t-shirt, and, just sorta showed me he “did a little painting.” I was floored. An INCREDIBLE painter. Someday, you’ll know his work. Just you wait. Wow. Good to meet you, man.

I can’t remember all the names, you know, cuz I’m a horrible human, but, damn, I won’t forget all their faces and amazing projects. In two days. So much cool stuff. Thank you for having me, all of you. That was awesome.

“Gracias” from the DDC. See, I’m a dumb white guy, you know? The majority of the kids were Columbia or Venezuela or Cuba

I’ll just say this right now once and for all: Anyone fucks with the design student of the New World School of Arts, well, they fuck with the entire DDC enterprise.

There you go.

Great work, you guys. Come to Portland!

Special thanks to Rosario, Annette and Maggie for a great couple days. Thank you! And for that incredible plate of food at Versailles. Still full, and still high from that Cuban coffee. Gracias!

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There are only a handful of people that I consider as first-hand inspirations to my studies as a young designer. After this week, Aaron Draplin, you are surely one of them. Special gracias to DDC from myself and my fellow students of the new world. //anthony

Posted by: Anthony Anaya on 03/07/14 at 7:09 PM

Thanks for showing us the ropes Mr. Draplin. I hope you get to sneak in to Miami again, and show us some more trade secretes and how to grow beards. We love to have you again at New World School of the Arts. Much appreciated!

Thank you so much!

John R. Lopez

Posted by: John Lopez on 03/08/14 at 7:09 AM
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