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February 12, 2014
Today, Vegas!
Posted at 10:13 PM


LADY LUCK, SLATHER ME WITH YOUR JUICES: Got upgraded to first class for ALL legs of this trip! Boom! May that luck follow me this whole mission, especially when I’m on that fuckin’ roulette table, focusing the entire universe’s energy on that “34” slot, in hope of procuring the slimiest of fortunes.

This will be the scene tonight. See you on the roulette tables, AFTER our OFFICIAL BUSINESS is done with Tech Cocktail conference! Shit goes down at 6 PM, Vegas!

Mom and Leigh are coming along too, so I have back-up. Anyone fucks with them, and just know, they fuck with the ENTIRE DDC. Stern words.

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You gave two excellent talks. Thanks so much coming to Vegas.

Posted by: Garth Braithwaite on 02/18/14 at 5:16 PM

Yo Aaron! thanks for coming out and giving us your trademarked bad ass tales. You really spiked up the joint with your vociferous do-goodness

Posted by: Hernan Valencia on 02/18/14 at 5:37 PM
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