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Draplin Design Co., North America
January 27, 2014
New Steelcase Desks In The Shop
Posted at 11:22 PM


ABOUT GODDAMN TIME: That was the longest three weeks in my little life. Ordered some new desks just before the new year, and they finally showed up today. Been sweating these fuckers. A whole mess of Steelcase stuff. Out of desperation, really. My trusty configuration of IKEA desk were beat down, sagging and were near death. So I had to upgrade. And damn, I SCOURED the web, and came up short time after time. It isn’t about the loot. We’ll pay for the right thing. It’s more about hunks of shit you keep coming across. Overpriced, underpriced, overdesigned, underdesigned…just turd after turd. Wouldn’t want to spend my day sitting at, much less even look at. Bummer.

Steelcase offered the mellow Currency line, and that made the cut. Clean, mean, and no 43 week lead time bullshit.

They’re here, and we’re ready to get down to work. Finally.

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You’ll never regret buying the good stuff. Would love to see your setup! Trying to plan my new office space out.

Posted by: Steven on 01/29/14 at 6:22 PM
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