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FOR THE MOST PART, NOT SO BAD IN 2013: Until the day we lost Dad. That was bad. Casts a big shadow over the triumphs of another incredible year.


01. Lots of time spent in Michigan with Mom and Dad.
02. 49 DDC speaking gigs!
02. Finally getting my girth moving. Thanks, Kisar.
04. Watching Oliver grow and grow. Full conversations!
05. A shitwhack of orders shipped. Thanks, Leigh.
06. So many awesome projects completed.
07. Couple of banger road trips.
08. Tons of new DDC merch,
09. Adventures around the country and house with Leigh.
10. Another great year of Field Notes offerings.
11. 17 new “Things We Love” posters!
12. Another year in the shop with Dave and Goo.
13. New set of 10-drawer flat files.
14. Another incredible Portland Bazaar. Thanks, Greg.
15. Finally getting my ‘93-‘94 Flaming Lips posters framed!
16. Lots of new records played and added to the collection.
17. Mom’s clean bill of health. The best news.
18. A real, live Christmas tree. Really did the trick, Leigh.
19. Conquering so many new cities.
20. Delta Platinum Sky Miles status! Movin’ on up.
21. An art show at MCAD in Minneapolis. Thanks, Kerry!
22. A glimpse inside the Flaming Lips inner sanctum.
23. So many awesome sandwiches.
24. A new Pretty Much Everything poster! 666 color items!
25. Making it to 40, and the party of a lifetime. Thanks, Leigh.


01. Losing Dad on October 13th.

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