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Draplin Design Co., North America


WE TRUST IN FILSON: I carry my laptop at whatever else in a Filson “Briefcase Computer Bag.” I carry a couple changes of clothes in the “Medium Duffle Bag.” For DDC merch and big shit, I jam it all into a “Wheeled Extra Large Duffle Bag.” Could put a body in that thing. Or, a pile of DDC t-shirts. Back and forth to the shop, I carry records, lunch and whatever else in a “Oil Finish Tote Bag.”

Now, sure…these things are a pretty penny. have to be completely honest in saying I wince each time I kick down for these things. But damn, it was that one visit to the Seattle show room store that hooked me. Seeing the people make them right there through the window…so cool. Sold me forever.

I put a hurt on the big wheelie bag right out of the gate. And damned if it didn’t let go in a couple spots. Shit fraying and stuff. I took it right in, the guy gave it a quick look, then gave me a quick look, (…sure, questionable head, I know…) and replaced the thing. Just like that. Bam.

That’s what I bought into. This shit has taken a BEATING.

The DDC believes in Filson for our travel and escapism needs. Thank you.

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