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Draplin Design Co., North America

Old Comfort Inn logo.

New Comfort Inn Logo.

CLEAN SHEETS MEAN A LOT: And this whole trip, we’ve been renting overnights from the Comfort Inn. Clean sheets, comfy mattresses, towels that don’t grind skin off and good, strong Wi-Fi for motherfuckers like myself, who work late shifts while their gal saws logs in one of the two double beds in the room. Just what we needed. Plus, it’s our favorite logo of ‘em all, you know, regarding hotel chains. Why are we talking about this? Who knows.

There is One Comment

One of the few logo upgrades in the recent years that doesn’t suck or go for that Apple/aqua 3D bullshit that everyone seems to be doing w/their brand nowadays.

Posted by: Mike Kirkpatrick on 09/02/13 at 11:55 AM
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