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MIDDLE AMERICA, ALRIGHT: Sometimes it just isn’t all that cool. I love it, sure. But today, America bit back. Got us good. Nothing bad. Just a reminder that cops are bored and even in the remotest back roads, won’t hesitate to slap you with a ticket. Big fun. Bored cops of America, we thank you for yer exemplary service!

We’re in Murdo for the night. Ol’ Murdo. We’ve stayed in your swankiest of luxury suites…complete with carpeted walls. But not tonight. Tonight we’re in the Super 8. Not much to report.

- - - -

I’M A TERRIBLE PERSON: Hugh! We whipped under Sioux Falls by a good 80 miles. Big ol’ diagonal up to Mitchell. Next time I come thought South Dakota, I’ll be landing at the Weber Compound for some hang time. Leigh was guiding me in this time, but of course, I managed to get all screwed up in Iowa and then along the bottom of South Dakota. Pretty country, though. Next time!

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