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THERE’S SOMETHING ABOUT GOING WEST: It’s a loneliness? Or, like, an anticipation for open space? Unsettling, sorta. When I’m heading home, each mile burned gets you closer to home and that “Ahhh, back in that MIdwest” ease I love so much. Going West is different. I mean, it doesn’t hit you until South Dakota, but, shit, I felt it in Iowa today. Weird.

Highlight of the day was seeing the Field of Dreams in Dyersville. Sure, the air smelled of cow shit, but, there’s something to that field. Or, to the movie. One time Ryno and I ran around in it, hitting balls, playing catch, walking into the corn field, etc. Like eight years ago? Weird.

We drove all the way to Fort Dodge and ate at an Applebee’s. Leigh had chicken and vegetables. I had steak, vegetables and caesar salad. Listened to some “good time” dicks sitting by the bar barking loud unfunny banter, fake laughings, all the while, wearing shirts that said “Life is Good” or some horse dick shit. Suck it.

Worked a late shift while Leigh slept soundly. Went late.

- - - -

NEXT TIME, I SWEAR: Lechtenberg! We whipped north of Waterloo by about 70 miles. Some little road way up there. Next time we come through, we’ll stop and hang!

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