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DOWN ALONG THE SHORE: We drove on Lake Michigan’s shore as much as we could. Through Holland, Grand Haven, Saugatuck, South Haven and down to Michigan City, where we crossed over into Indiana, turned off at Gary and took one last look at that big ol’ Lake Michigan. Our ocean. Leigh ran down to the water. I stood up in the parking lot getting bit to shit by horse flies and other bitey things. Fuckers.

We drove into Gary, from rural sparseness, into inner city roughness. Poor Gary. Sorry.

We found the home of those Jackson, and thought about a little Michael and all his brothers and little sister dancing around in that little living room. So amazing. And so sad how the world chewed him up like it did. Such a talent. Couldn’t help but feel sad in Gary.

Then we got on the big road and drove for a couple hours into Illinois, staying in some little town that could have been any little town just off the interstate. Ate at some chain restaurant and bedded down in a chain hotel. Chain shit.

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