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OF COURSE, IT RAINED WHEN WE LEFT: It was POURING when we pulled out of Mom and Dad’s wooded compound. Didn’t want to go. Was so busy while I was home, and managed to get a fuckload of work done. So much for lazy days, playing tons of guitar, seeing old friends and whatever other hot air I was dreaming up at the start of the summer. I got home, settled in, and got to work. Same old shit.

Thank you Mom and Dad for taking great care of me. For cooking for me. For allowing me space to get my shit done. A great six weeks.

See you guys in October for the WHOLE month out on Portland. How I like it.

- - - -

Leigh and I hit the road kn the rain. And drove out of that monsoon somewhere around Frankfort. We whipped down the coast, lurking in little towns until we got to Muskegon, where we bedded down for the night in a Comfort Inn. Luxury! No, really. Nice, nice beds. Soft sheets. Clean. Worth the loot.

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