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IN THE MARKET FOR A NEW BASS GUITAR, TOO: Sure, it’s been a “Summer of Jazzmasters” but damn, I miss playing bass. Been way too long. I settled a bass amp last week after seeing the Meat Puppets down in Grand Rapids a couple weeks ago. Cris Kirkwood was playing out of this cool Fender tweed Champ Amp-esque amp. So I did my research, found a good price on a Fender TV Bassman 350 amp and went for it. The things have been discontinued for some time. So cool.

I’ve got my old Fender Mexican Precision bass from 1994 at the house. Been playing it through my Peavey 30 watt with all my pedals and shit. It was either go for it and settle a big ass Ampeg rig, or, get something easier to drag around.

And, I’ve got my lazy eye one of those Gibson Non Reverse Thunderbirds. Big and long. Like Watt plays. In the market.

And fuck, what about this? Wow.

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That looks a little too much like the IRS symbol.

Posted by: MPR on 08/20/13 at 7:29 AM
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