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GUEST BLOGGING: From the AIGA Design Envy Blog this week…here’s today’s Ohio-ish post:

I have fond, fond memories of tube time from my childhood. Waking up at whatever ungodly time a seven-year-old wakes up to watch Saturday morning cartoons, maxing out every episode of The Brady Bunch and laying comatose through slasher film after slasher film at sleepovers. And my favorite: the weird, grainy, incredible graphics from all the networks. Can you even remember ‚€™em? I can.

Well, the ‚€œSpecial‚€ T-shirt from Wire & Twine brought me right back to that era. Bam. I don‚€™t have much else to say about it. Good job, Ohio!

Get one of these going right here, and get a little bit of those late ‚€™70s-to-early-‚€™80s on yer chest.

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Killin me. Ive had an idea like this in my back pocket for years. Love it. Probably the only thing that could stop me in my tracks as a kid, that image and sound. Snatchin one up.

Posted by: Eric on 07/18/13 at 5:03 PM
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