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June 27, 2013
DDC vs. ACL!
Posted at 03:10 PM


FINALLY, FINALLY: Got to meet Michael Williams from ACL today! Finally. Been reading A Continuous Lean for a long time. Been a fan since the first time I saw it. It was their comprehensive “The American List” that grabbed me, and never let go. I still go there when I’m in the market for something new, and starting my quest.

The guy champions PRECISELY what I love about America, and the ingenuity, style and swagger when we’d make something right. The sort of stuff that lasts the ages. The greatness that used to be the backbone our ability to make things here. We need it to go back to the old ways. New ways of doing it right. He’s on top of that stuff, and I know where to go when I need a little boost. Thank, man.

Michael thinks it can be that way again. My money’s on America, too.

Sure, I fumble on the words. But I think you get what I’m getting at. Michael’s got the right radar, and I tune in all the time. Thank you, man…for boosting up Field Notes, putting me on yer site and giving us a shot.

Great to meet you, buddy. I’d destroy a meatball sandwich with you ANYTIME. And we did. At Bunk earlier today. So good. Come back!

- - - -

THIS WAS COOL AS HELL: Michael was snapping shots today, and made a post about his visit. Great having you here, man!

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