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Draplin Design Co., North America
June 03, 2013
America The Beautiful!
Posted at 12:17 PM


AMERICA, YOU BIG, BEAUTIFUL LAND: And to our fellow Americans, we have to wonder: Have you procured a couple sets of our latest Field Notes Color release, “America The Beautiful?”

Three different cover on coated paper, big, goopy CMYK dots, copper staples, burly uncoated innards and a REAL water decal! You need this!

Get it going here, and don’t miss the movie Field Notes Midwest made and slayed! So good.

From the Field Notes site: In today‚€™s world of computerized precision, it was challenging to find anything but the brightest-white paper, and our printer takes great pride in perfection. Printing oversaturated photos on yellowed paper, with a purposefully out-of-register 100-line screen, was nearly outside the capabilities of modern machinery and left pressmen scratching their heads. But we made it happen! The dust has settled, and we present our beefiest FIELD NOTES ever. Colorful stock photography of ‚€œSpacious Skies,‚€ ‚€œAmber Waves,‚€ and ‚€œMountains Majesty‚€ are reproduced in full-color on heavyweight, off-white, Tango-coated one-side covers, and stuffed with 48 pages of burly Finch ‚€œSoft White‚€ paper ruled with ‚€œLooseleaf Blue‚€ ink. They‚€™re bound together with shiny copper staples, and as always: they‚€™re manufactured in the very nation they celebrate.

Hell yeah, America!

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