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THANK YOU, LITTLE ROCK! I had a killer time, Made By Few! That Clinton Presidential Center was beautiful. I sure was hoping to get a glimpse of Bill and Hillary, who reportedly were on the grounds, doing the rounds. Didn’t seem them. Was struck by the photos of their campaign, and how young they looked. How striking Hillary was, and relaxed. She has to be so rigid now, you know? So poised. It was great seeing all the campaign stuff. I voted for Bill back in ‘92, wearing a button on my jacket, getting dirty looks and snorts from old timers around me in line. First time I voted. Anyhoo, a beautiful place!

Made By Few was great, and I met 323 awesome Little Rock champions! Special thanks to Arlton Lowry for rolling the dice on the DDC, and to everyone who came up to shoot the shit or bought a poster. Thank you, so so so much. We’ll be back!

Got up sorta early in Little Rock this morning, caught a cab to the airport, and stood in line for an hour while some numbnut agent snailed through checking people in. Fuck. People were getting ugly! I finally got up there, got my shit in and ran to the gate. Barely made the flight. Barely.

Flew over to Los Angeles, with a quick stop in Dallas. Had a hunger for a Whataburger, but didn’t have the time to go AWOL. Man, I love that logo.

Now I’m in LA, downtown, close to the Staples Center, in an undisclosed flophouse enjoying discounted Wi-Fi with a view of a million miles of Los Angeles out my window. I always forget how big this place is. Thank the cosmic dust, there’s a taco truck across the street. Gonna go put a hurt on some of that shit in a bit.


Oh, damn, at the airport I walked up to get my bag from the carousel, and Marc Maron was waiting there. I walked right up to him, told him I didn’t want to freak him out, but had to get a handshake. I love that podcast. So good. Nice guy. Let me take a shot of us standing there waiting for our bags. Thanks, man. Here’s my recent favorite “What the Fuck” episodes:

Wayne Coyne and the classic, classic Jonathan Winters. My fingers are crossed for a Don Rickles episode!

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