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May 04, 2013
Today, Little Rock!!!
Posted at 08:46 AM


WE’RE HERE, WE’RE READY TO GET DOWN WITH LITTLE ROCK: Today, Little Rock! We’ve got a slot amongst a heavy-hitter roster at the Made By Few conference! We’re telling our story at 1pm. Be there, Arkansas! Tall tales. Laffs. Orange things. Bullshit. Weird beginnings. Weirder endings. Vectors. Heavy riffs. Big-ass Arkansas posters! Fired up to see some Signalnoise, too! Be there, you scrubs!


WE MADE A POSTER FOR ARKANSAS! And that’s what you are seeing just north of this sentence. So much Arkansas on there. Wow. Four colors, with a big ol’ hit of “Ozark mud brown” to hold ‘em all in. Contain yerself. You need one of these. Unleashing them this afternoon, precisely after our half-ass speaking fiasco! Thick inks on durable fibers. Seriously! For Arkansas!

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