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May 25, 2013
Sasquatch Festival Lurking
Posted at 11:59 PM


A LONG, FUN DAY AT THE SASQUATCH FESTIVAL: Slept in over there in Ellensburg. Needed it, bad. Met Brad and Bailee, loaded up on breakfast at the Yellow House, then whipped over to George, Wash. Then we spent a day at the Sasquatch Festival, and here’s our big fat list:

01. Got to shake the hands of Tame Impala, nerd out and give all the lads Field Notes.
02. Went as far backstage as possible, even get booted out of Nick Offerman’s “back ramp.”
03. Loaded up on lunch around rock and rollers.
04. Sucked down beers on blow-up tents. I don’t even drink, so, hell, “going for it.”
05. Lurked the merch tent and saw all the awesome Sasquatch shit.
06. Inspected the monster graphics everywhere, glowing with pride.
07. Waited all day, and finally got to see Tame Impala slay it. We dig.
08. Got to see what it looks like from the big stage, while XX played.
09. Loaded up on a nutritious supper amidst roadies and rockers.
10. Ran into a bunch of Bend scrubs.
11. Made buddies in the backstage tent.
12. Waved our little wrist passes every 100 yards at some beeper bro.
13. Watched Nick Offerman from some booze rig, but couldn’t hear him. Boo.
14. Wondered about age, youth and how I’m in my middle age, like it or not.
15. Smiled big and wide each time some scrub walked by in a Sasquatch t-shirt.
16. Gazed out over that big gorge.
17. Hung with my Leigh Leigh all day.
18. Shot the shit with my buddy Brad and his lovely Bailee.
19. Learned to pick out “rock boots” to decipher who was and wasn’t “playing in a bit.”
20. Had a fuckload of fun, and thank you to Adam & Lynn from the Sasquatch Festival!

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