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WE STRUCK THE DEAL IN A CORNFIELD IN IOWA: DDC “Northeast Iowa” tour manager Dana “Spuds Mackenzie” Lechtenberg as my witness, my phone blew up and it was one Adam Zacks representing the infamous Sasquatch Festival on the other end!

I made Dana pull the rig over so I could focus. We talked about the history of the Sasquatch festival, the recent poster/event work of the incomparable Invisible Creature and how there might be a chance the DDC could help out for 2013. Yes!

We struck a deal in that Iowa country side that day. I mean, sure, Adam was in Seattle, but I made him promise me this: THE DDC DEMANDS A GAGGLE OF THE “BACKSTAGIEST OF BACKSTAGE PASSES” FOR LEIGH, ME AND A COUPLE BUDDIES. And he promised me the world. And the Gorge. And the heart of Doug Martsch.

I remember saying something to the effect of, “Adam, goddammit, come May next year I want to be in that backstage zone saying, “Hey there, Jack White, hand me that potato salad, bud…”

We laughed and got to work a month later.

And holy shit, Leigh and I are in an Ellensburg hotel, resting up for a couple days lurking at the Sasquatch festival! So excited to see those big graphics all over the thing! I wish wish wish we could’ve brought the Ewok along, as that was a big part of accepting this job. I wanted the kid to be able to hang backstage with us, seeing the bands. Next summer, buddy.

Anyhoo, goodnight from Ellensburg. Tame Impala tomorrow!!!

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