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Always wanted to see Henry’s record collection. It’s as boss as I thought it would be.

Yow, H20, DDC. Rental car dicks.

SLEPT IN, HARD: Worked an early shift, then headed over to go record shopping with Henry. We hit Wuxtry in Decatur and then Criminal Records in Little Five Points. I snagged some goodies from Criminal, and man, they had full line of Field Notes right by the juicy 7-inchers! Right up front. Thank you for believing in Field Notes!

And of course, the day couldn’t get any cooler, and then Henry tells me we are meeting David Yow for some chow. That David Yow. Of that goddamn Jesus Lizard! He was in Atlanta shooting a horror movie. So cool.

Henry went to meet Yow, I dug through record bins, then I met up with them at a burrito joint. We sat and shot the shit, exchanged jokes and tales. Yow’s a funny, warm, sweet little elf. Hearing Henry and him exchange stories was awesome.

Last time I was that close to Yow, the little shit grabbed my by the beard, hard. It was during the opening number of that Jesus Lizard reunion gig a couple years back. I felt like I was 19 again at that show. Thank you, Yow, and Jesus Lizard at large. One of my all-time favorite bands.

I dropped Henry off at Charlotte’s place, then dropped David off at his hotel.

One cool, cool afternoon. Thank you, fellas.

- - - -

BACK TO THE HOTEL: Something was agreeing with me from my hotel room lunch and I sacked out, woke up, felt a little weird, sacked out more and before I knew it, shit was dark and the night took over. I guess I needed to catch up on shut-eye? Yep.

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