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Draplin Design Co., North America
May 13, 2013
Posted at 10:23 PM


SPRINGTIME IN THE SOUTHLAND: We’re embarking today on our “Southland” tour leg of our latest speaking fiasco tour. Check it out: Four gigs, back to back! Knoxville, Lexington, Charlotte and Atlanta! Wow! Bringing our patented “Tall Tales From A Large Man” roadshow to the South! Believe it.

Our filmmaker Jess Gibson is along for the ride, capturing all the magic for a little documentary about this week, and, the tour at large. Thanks for coming along, buster. DO NOT leave that camera unattended. I’m gonna be pressing buttons and shit on it, whenever I can.

We flew down to Atlanta today, snagged a Ford Edge rental rig and whipped up towards Knoxville. Made it about 25 miles past Chattanooga, throwing in the towel at a Howard Johnson motel. Was starting to see double, so I had to pull off.

Tomorrow, Knoxville! Been waiting months for this one!

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