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TONIGHT, LEXINGTON: We got up as early as we could in Knoxville, splitting up to Lexington, into the arms of Adam Martin, right downtown. Kentucky’s number one nicest guy. Right above Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, we’d bet.

And holy shit, Sean Cannon came over from Louisville! Good to see you, man! Always. I was on his radio show a year ago! So fun.

Adam took Jess and I junkin’ around Lexington for a couple hours…hitting a record store, the “Peddler’s Mall” and then we headed over to the Kentucky Theatre, where my MIND WAS BLOWN by the venue they locked down! Insane. So beautiful.

We had a real sound guy and everything dialing the knobs, so the tunes at the beginning of the show sounded SOOOOO good. Thank you, man.

The show went great, met so many awesome Lexington people and sold a mountain of Kentucky posters. Wait, everything was cool, except for one loud mouth numb nuts who was yapping during the show. Had a little too much to drink, was the rumor. Stay home next time, man. You were bumming people out.

The biggest, hairiest thank you to Adam Martin and the AAF Lexington for such an incredible night! And thank you for the care package, man! Jess was garglin’ that whiskey!

Once the show was all wrapped up, we realized this little truth: Charlotte was 400 miles away. And we had to get going right away. So we did, whipping back down I-75 to Knoxville, the over to Asheville. Got myself a big, fat speeding ticket somewhere in Tennessee, so, that was fun. Charlotte tomorrow!

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