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The crowd was MASSIVE! Hell yeah, Converge SE!

Gettin’ “real grabby” with The Half and Half, our printin’ buddies.

TODAY WE LAID WASTE TO ALL IN ATTENDANCE: And told our dumb, little story, peppered with the highs and lows of predicament. Always fun to get up there, and thank you to the hearty staff of Converge SE for making it fun, easy and awesome. And damn, Gene, good job! Such a cool conference, in a beautiful museum? Pretty awesome.

I’m just sad I didn’t get to see Signalnoise, Mig OR Josh Higgins’ talks. Either I was on a flight, or had to split, and I missed all the stuff I wanted to see. I did get to bullshit with all the guys, so that’s good.

Josh Higgins can tell a mean story, and well, I’m no slouch when it comes to “spinning a yarn.” We covered a MOUNTAIN of ground…in the following categories: Art, rock, politics, life, space, beach living, dad stuff, bass guitar, electric guitar, O, J and 46 other awesome things. Good to see you, buddy. See you in S.F., soon!

- - - -

ONCE THE GIG WAS DONE: I made my way over to the Whig, and sat with the top brass of The Half and Half. It was awesome to see Sara, Nick and the other bro who was throwing gang signs. Nicest people. Seriously. Great to ham it up with you guys a smidge. Thank you for the printing you guy do for the DDC. Our favorite part of this stuff. Thank you.

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Loved the talk. After a day of listening to talks about code stuff, it was nice to feed my imagination with pictures & stories.

Posted by: Susanna K. on 05/03/13 at 4:12 PM
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