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Draplin Design Co., North America
April 21, 2013
Scrambling Around The Shop
Posted at 10:33 PM


IT TOOK US A GOOD CHUNK OF THE DAY, BUT WE ARE READY: Tomorrow we split to Toronto!!! Flying into Buffalo, snagging a rental rig and braving the border into Canada. Always fun.

We’ve got official business in Toronto Tuesday at the FITC conference, with a little talk about things. Be there, FITC lurkers!

And then Wednesday, we whip back down into America, and over to Rochester to speak! Here’s the link for that bad boy.

Thursday, we hop a couple stinky flights down to South Carolina, to LAY WASTE at the Converge SE conference and see our buddy Gene! Hell yes. Fired up for some southern action.

Saturday, if we survive Friday night, we hop a flight over to Columbus, Georgia, for a Sunday gig at the Creative South conference!

We will be GIVING IT OUR ALL to all who attend these next four gigs. Know this. We take this shit very seriously, and aim to please, entertain, inspire, freak out and rile up the brave fucks who come to our talk, and, the world. Our pledge.

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