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AND THAT’S HOW YOU WRAP UP A VISIT TO RENO: I was down. Had lost my ass here and there around town with Dave, trying like hell to slay some roulette tables. I hit that 34 a couple times, too. Two times with $25 on it! That’s a $875 payout! Wow. But of course, I’d get that stack whittled down. More or less, I was down.

And that’s no way to get on a plane when you leave. I worked in the hotel room right up until I split. I got my gear ready, loaded out, and hit those roulette tables one last time. Going for it. So dumb.

And holy shit, with $30 on 34, I hit it! That’s $1050! With like 10 minutes to go. Cosmic.

I floated out of that casino to catch my cab, high as shit.

- - - -

AND FOR THE RECORD: Gambling is a dirty thing. We stay away from that shit. But when we visit Reno or Vegas, we’re not afraid to play a little roulette. It goes against everything we were taught. I work hard and work even harder to save my loot. To go down there and throw it away, or make a bunch more, it’s a surreal, nasty thing. And, oddly fun. So when I go down there, I suspend my normal financial focus, and throw caution to the wind and HOPE LIKE HELL. that ball finds its way into that “34” slot. Our dumb, little thing in these goddamn towns in Nevada.

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