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WOKE UP TO EXPLODING WIND: And funny guy Mike Davis speculated on some kind of atomic fart? Take it on the road, chuckles. That wind was blowing!

Blowing hard enough to where the interstate was closed. Fun! I ate breakfast in the casino cafe, set up shop in the lounge and pecked away at an upcoming Nevada poster until about 2pm. Then I met a couple middle-aged ladies who “just drove down from Fargo.” IF they could do it, so could I.

On the way out to the car, I tried my hand at the Blackjack table one last time. In no time, I was up a couple hundred bucks. Played a couple more hands and walked away with a cool $150. Thank you, Dakota Magic Casino!

I left $250 richer, with all expenses paid. All I had to worry about was the road up to Fargo.

That cleared up about 15 miles outside of Fargo Rock City, thankfully. That wind and snow and whiteout bullshit wears on a motherfucker. It was nice to see that sun.

Jumped into the Holiday Inn, and got ready for a pizza supper with Brad, Shannon and Adam.

Damn, that pie was good, too! Thanks, Fargo people!

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