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February 26, 2013
Tonight, Bozeman!
Posted at 07:17 AM


BOZEMAN, WE MEAN BUSINESS: Stephanie from MSU/GD is picking me up in 33 minutes. We head into town where she’ll nourish me with a healthy breakfast. With fuel in the tank, we roll over to MSU to hang with the students. Roundtabling! We’ll chew the fat, shake some hands, look at work, talk a little trash, share stories, etc. This goes on for a chunk of the day.

Now, tonight, that’s a little different. We are here with a spirited MULTIMEDIA PRESENTATION and will be GIVING OUR ALL to those brave enough to show up. This happens at 7:30 in the PM, at Reynolds Recital Hall. All Bozeman champion citizens are invited. Hell, even the sketchy ones. In fact, even better, ALL MONTANANS are invited. Someone call Butte! Someone put up a smoke signal to Billings.

Plus, like so many other shows we’ve pulled off, we come bearing spirited merch, offered up at “Montana-Only” prices. We made a poster for you guys. For Montana. I’m no stranger to that long highway that cuts you in half, and have fond, long memories of driving the whole width of the place. One time, Leigh and I did the “Highline Tour” all the way across Highway 2. That took patience! And I’ll be damned if Glacier National Park isn’t the FINEST BIT OF MAJESTIC MOUNTAIN SCENERY in our contiguous United States! Not to hard to GET COSMIC around that kind of wonder and beauty. Wow. So yeah, we tackled Montana, and sure, the sumbitch put up a fight. We had to consult a pack of Montana rascals, too: Eric Lovejoy, Chris Latray, Mike Kirkpatrick and Seth Neilsen kept our asses in line.

If you look up above you’ll see Seizure Palace’s Nick peeking over his handiwork. So good! (SP: Thank you for the rush job, and dealing with the bullshit the DDC oozes. Appreciated!) Okay, okay. Today we unleash these to Bozeman, and if we make it back to Portland, we’ll have them on our site for ALL of Montana to enjoy. Deal with it. Don’t let these one slip through your elk horns. So much Montana in there.

One night only, Bozeman! Be there!

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I need a MT poster to hang next to my UT poster. Enjoy the Big Sky. Poster available on the site soon? V

Posted by: Vince on 02/26/13 at 5:55 PM

Hey Aaron - Thanks for presenting last night in Bozeman. Really enjoyed your work and hearing your story. Especially the Cobra Dogs and your Farmer John tale. It’s important to hear those types of stories on a semi-regular basis to remind us of what is important when it comes to design and life in general. Good luck with the rest of your tour. Keep on truckin’


Posted by: Drew Schug on 02/27/13 at 8:40 AM

Hi Aaron, we chatted briefly at the end of your great talk in Bozeman… Meta Newhouse (my wife) and I really enjoyed your presentation. The students seemed to as well, but it’s hard to tell sometimes if they are amazed or asleep. I mentioned my Tumblr and Flickr, here are the addresses. Also you might enjoy the last bit of my web site… All the Tumblr stuff is original (no reblogs) but the Flickr (about 15K images) is just lots of stuff I wanted to share with students and has lots of reblogs. If you’re ever in the neighborhood again, let’s get together and actually have a conversation, I think we are on the same mission… Michael




Posted by: Michael Newhouse on 02/28/13 at 1:55 PM

Hi Aaron, Thanks for the wonderful presentation it will help out my Salt Lake SEO a lot.

Posted by: Salt Lake SEO on 10/20/15 at 4:19 PM

I have heard that you give great presentations but I haven’t been able to attend one yet. When is the next one? Where at?

Posted by: Taylor on 10/04/16 at 7:27 PM
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