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SCARY SHIT FIRST, THEN COOL SHIT: Dad and I raced to Orlando this morning to find an Apple store to see what they would say about the laptop. The guy was nice, hopeful and told me to wait until I got back to Portland before submitting the machine for a diagnostic check. Bummed. He had that “You Are Screwed, Buddy” look on his face regarding the laptop. Damn. So I’ll wait.

We headed into Orlando hitting Park Ave CDs, Rock-n-Roll Heaven and Retro Records. Good shit all around. Orlando, you are lucky to have such a killer record store trifecta. Great shit.

Then we headed over to the mighty Mama’s Sauce to meet the gang, get a tour, talk some smack and see the “I” I cobbled together to help Hamilton’s big move up there in Wisconsin.

CLICK THIS: Mama Sauce wrote our little invasion up!

Great group of people! Talented as hell. Thank you for having us by the shop, taking the time away from all the shit going on, taking photos, sharing riff raff and making plans for future collaborations! Appreciated, you saucemasters!

Then we split for “The Space Coast,” whipping over to Titusville, simply on a tip from Nick from Mama Sauce. We hit the Central Garage junk store and then the Space Walk Museum. So good. Looked out over the bay to the Vehicle Assembly Hanger at NASA. It’s pretty big. Reminds me of being a kid and seeing it up close. Gigantic.

Dad and I zipped back through the marshy deadness back to Orlando, connected with the family and chilled for one last night in the rental unit. Not looking forward to splitting tomorrow morning.

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