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February 01, 2013
Happy Birthday, Dad: The Big 70
Posted at 08:16 AM


WE’RE ON MAIN STREET MAKING FRIENDS WITH MICKEY AND MINNIE: It’s my dad’s 70th birthday, and I wanted one thing to go down: Dad taking his grandson Oliver to Disney World for his first time.

And tomorrow, we’re doing just that.

We’re all down here: Mom, Dad, Sarah, Leah, Jacob, Oliver, Leigh and I. Family stuff. All of us.

Mom and dad took us here a couple times in those early and mid-80s. Good times. Swiss Family Robinson tree house lurking and Epcot logos and It’s A Small World 46 times for my little sister. So thankful for those family vacations. I still remember those bitchin’ EPCOT logos. The best.

Tomorrow, we do it again.

Happy birthday, dad. Thankful to have you as a dad.

And hell, my mom, I can’t even express how glad I am to have her as my mom. Dad’s an animal. My mom, she’s a saint.

I pledge to keep my raving cynicism to a minimum for the sake of the family unit. That is until I see some updated/redesigned/murdered classic logo on shirts and iPod cases or whatever. Argh. Gonna do my best to keep my shit together down here in Florida land.

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Have fun man! Florida is great in February. The theme parks aren’t too crowded, and the weather is beautiful.

Posted by: Thomas Todd on 02/02/13 at 3:18 AM

When I was a kid I got to see the movie “Captain EO” there. Michael Jackson was freaky in 3D. It’s really cool that you have the chance to get the fam together like that.

Posted by: Jimmy B on 02/02/13 at 8:12 AM
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