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CAN’T DO THIS ONE JUSTICE: Won’t be forgetting today, ever!

Know this much, we got to tour the East Wing of the White House, met the patriots of the Office of Digital Strategy and then, against ALL odds, SAW THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES WALK BY, but for a split-second of nanosecond. Read that one again: SAW THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES WALK BY.

I about died.

Mr. President. Barack H. Obama. The leader of the free world. He who changed the course of history. The man lucky to have Michelle at his side. Hell of a three-point shooter. The man!

We can’t really go into detail just yet, but will when we can. Thank you Ashleigh, Kodi, Macon and Hope!!! What a wonderful afternoon. Thank you!

Then we headed over to NCLUD to set up for the DDC vs AIGA DC gig! Carolyn Sewell greeted us, we got it all set it up and folks started showing up! Had a hell of a turn out! Thank you, DC! Thanks for buying merch and shooting the shit. Thank you to NCLUD for hosting the event. Great shop, great people. Thank you, AIGA D.C.!

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